How HomeLight Trade-In Works

What This Means for You

  • No showings while you live in the house
  • No cleaning, decluttering, staging, organizing, getting the kids to make their bed
  • No painting or upgrading floors while you are still living in the home
  • No need to move twice or coordinate a rent-back from your buyer
  • You are able to write an offer NOT contingent on the sale of your house (possibly saving you money on how much you have to offer)
  • Selling a staged, updated, easy-to-access vacant home will likely net you more $$$
  • Keep your equity! No low-ball offers! If I sell your house for more than what HomeLight bought it for, you get a second check!

Who is HomeLight

HomeLight is a venture backed Real Estate technology firm based in San Francisco. Its mission is to empower people to make smarter decisions during one of life’s most important moments: buying or selling their home. It does so by leveraging technology to identify the BEST Real Estate agents in the area and connect them with buyers and sellers. Through Homelight’s lending arm it has also created innovative products to take the pain and uncertainty out of the home buying process.

You can learn more about HomeLight here.


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