Holistic Health In and Around Lamorinda

Holistic Health In and Around Lamorinda

As most of us know by now, staying healthy requires a synergistic approach. Exercise alone is not enough, nor is eating the right foods. The effects of cortisol, the “stress hormone” can take a toll on the body, just as physical ailments may eventually take a psychological one and should be addressed. Research on alternative therapies and treatments has shown that taking care of the mind and spirit can have a significant impact on overall personal wellness. When you’ve decided it’s time to focus on the health of your whole self, you’ll find many practitioners in the Bay Area who can help. 


Straightening Things Out


Pain, especially in your back, can make it difficult to focus and leave you feeling irritable and moody. Taking medication can compound the problem, making you foggy or leaving you with added side effects. Often what’s needed is an assessment and realignment of the spine by a licensed chiropractor. Don’t expect an adjustment on your first visit to The Source Chiropractic in Oakland. Before treatment, the professionals at The Source will do a thorough exam, including a consultation, digital posture and movement analysis, a digital thermography scan, neuro-spinal analysis and maybe even an x-ray. At your second visit, you’ll receive a “Source Score”, talk about payment options and receive your targeted, much-needed adjustment. Closer to home, locally grown Kevin Wong at Orinda Chiropractic can help with chronic pain or injury using chiropractic alignment, craniosacral therapy or cold laser therapy. Whether you need a new pillow, support brace, custom orthotics or a spinal adjustment, the Doctors Wong at Orinda Family Chiropractic will be able to set you up. They’ll also advise your young athlete on how to stay healthy, safe and in the game, be it water polo, baseball, soccer or cheer. In addition to lifestyle advice, nutritional assessment, and chiropractic services Dr. Jason Wong can recommend the best natural vitamins, mineral and herbal supplements available. The husband and wife chiropractic duo at Rivulet Chiropractic believe strongly in the brain body connection. New patients to their practice can expect a very thorough workup at the first appointment, including a health history as well as a spine and body analysis and if the doctors feel it necessary, x-rays. Treatment will begin at the second appointment where they present you with what their patients describe as a life-changing personal health plan. Village Chiropractic on Brook Street in Lafayette specializes in sports chiropractic and treatment of injuries sustained during automobile accidents. Dr. Beckman, along with the clinic’s resident deep-tissue massage therapist, is ready to help with a long list of injuries and chronic issues including frozen shoulder, headache, tennis elbow, sciatica and more. Schedule a free consultation at Steel Chiropractic in Lafayette to see if they can help relieve your pain. Steel, unlike many other chiropractic offices, accepts insurance and will bill for you. Visit them for relief from a work, auto accident or sports injury and even migraine or headaches. 


Weight For It


Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or how few calories you consume, your weight simply refuses to budge. When you’re stuck in a diet rut, it’s time to visit the professionals to sort out how to move the needle. Make an appointment at Cambiati to learn about their 28-day cleanse, genetic and food intolerance testing as well as nutrition coaching and mindset mastery. Dr. Raphael Rettner’s Advanced Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic in Lafayette can assist with sleep and skin issues in addition to weight management, detoxification and allergy testing through their variety of programs and services. 


Well Rounded 


Radiance Family Wellness in Lafayette is an integrative practice offering osteopathy, Ayurveda, acupuncture, sound and massage therapy, diet and lifestyle coaching, movement and yoga classes and much more. Their onsite infrared sauna is said to improve circulation, purify the skin, relieve pain and lower the blood pressure. Visit their website to schedule a time for the sauna or to make an appointment for any of their services. Pleasant Hill’s Infuze MD, located on Monument Boulevard is the second outpost of this integrative medical practice. In addition to pain management and IV, regenerative and oxidative therapies, Infuze’s founder Dr. Nilda Abellera helps patients with cancer and Lyme disease management. Tending more toward traditional medicine, but with holistic component, Comprehensive Wellness in Walnut Creek is well loved for their collaborative approach. With chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage and physical therapists, dieticians, wellness coaches on staff, as well as MD’s in a variety of specialty areas, Comprehensive Wellness takes care of mind and spirit as well as body. 


Float and Flow


Choose from one of three tank options at Peak Performance Float in Walnut Creek and let your worries, aches and pains seep away. Floating weightless in saltwater can free the mind, increase blood flow and reduce stress. Before or after you float, try their full body light therapy, proven to enhance mood, cognitive function and mental clarity, reduce join pain and inflammation and improve skin tone, clarity and complexion. Then, head into the yoga studio for a Vinyasa, Hatha or restorative class and leave feeling like a new person. 

Try unlimited classes for a month at Just Be Yoga for $55.00. Offerings include Kundalini, Vinyasa, gentle yoga, and movement and meditation as well as weekend retreats and workshops in studio or at the beautiful Luminary Farm in Danville. Moraga’s Humble Yoga holds classes every day except Sunday at their studio on Country Club Drive. The first 10 consecutive days are free. National chain YogaWorks offers a wide range of classes at their location in Walnut Creek. Start the day with cardio flow and finish it up with candlelight Yin. For those who travel frequently, their “All Yoga Works” membership will gain you access to their studios across the country. With 50 classes a week, you’re sure to find something that works for you at Indigo Yoga, whether it’s prenatal, sound healing or meditation. Newbies can try two weeks of unlimited classes for $29.00. Indigo also has a range of indoor cycling, Pilates Reformer classes, and workshops. Practice your Sun Salutations in Atma Yoga’s bright, open studio on the top floor of their sunny building on Brookwood Road in Orinda. Whether you’re seeking restorative yoga or searching for something more strenuous, Atma has a class for everyone. 

Got Goddess Vibes and Mother Earth energy on the mind for a healing session? Local moms have banded together to open Goddess Gatherings, tucked into a cute studio in downtown Lafayette. Sound baths, Moon Ceremonies and more! 

Be well. 

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Holistic Health In and Around Lamorinda

As most of us know by now, staying healthy requires a synergistic approach. Exercise alone is not enough, nor is eating the right foods. The effects of cortisol, the “… Read more

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